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Never would have thought I'd be the one to defeat Vol - He WhoMust Not Be Named. Odd really, but I expected it to be harry. We all did. I reckon I know how harry always felt about fame now. I don't like it much. I'd rather be with my plants and such. Or Trevor, but Trevor's gone off someplace, haven't seen him in months. So much has been happening since then. I've learned a lot about myself too. Finally figured out why i was pants at everything but herbology. It was a memory charm you see. Rather strong one at that. Gran finally told me she'd had the mediwizard's put one on me when I was little. I saw my parents tortured she said. I didn't believe her til they took the charm off.

Funny, but my magic really was slow to develop, even without the charm. Then when it did summer before fifth year, the charm got in the way. Now I can actually do real magic, not that i plan to tell anyone. Well, maybe Harry. Or Ron. I started my own business too. It's a nursery. Muggle and magical plants. Fantastic Plants I called it. Stupid name really, but I couldn't think of anything else.

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