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Nov. 6th, 2005 | 05:51 pm

I miss Blaise. I wonder if I should have told him about Gran, but Zia is sick, and she doesn't seem the sort to get ill often, and he's in Italy, so there's nothing he can really do, but Circe's tits do I miss him.

That bloody intern came by Friday. Like to drove me mad she did. And tomorrow... Merlin help me but tomorrow I get probed by a psychwith. I hate the very idea.

So I've been distracting myself. I've been house hunting. I found two I rather like, and I suppose I need to bring it up to Blaise soon, as I want to know which he'd prefer.

One is in Melrose, on the Scottish border. It's for lt just now as the owners don't live there. It's the same with the other, the one in Devon. I think I like that one better actually. More room for a garden, and things of that sort and well... I'm not sure really, but I do think I like it better. But really, I won't know which til I discuss it with Blaise.

I wish he were here. Or I were there. I could really use a cuddle just now.

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